"Knowledgeable and positive, patient and flexible..."

“Her pure, warm voice is heard to great effect on this inspiring collection of songs.” – New Classics

“Solomon’s soaring voice brings an ethereal beauty to these sacred works.” – Los Alamos Monitor

alicia solomon Psalms CD cover

“I (timidly) went to Alicia Solomon for singing lessons back in 2006, and she was so supportive, effective, and lovely that I’ve been taking lessons ever since. I’d had teachers before but none managed to coax me past my anxieties, much less to expand my capabilities the way Alicia has. She is knowledgeable and positive, patient and flexible. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Even if prior struggles have led you to believe that you can’t learn something, my experience with Alicia indicates otherwise: I bet she can teach you.”

Tess Light

Mezzo soprano Alicia Solomon“When I first started studying voice with Alicia Solomon in 2022, I had been in the Santa Fe Women’s Ensemble, a 14-voice women’s choral group, for going on 40 years. I considered myself—and was considered by others—a “good group singer, who had a clear sound and was able to blend well with other voices.” While I had the occasional solo line or part, generally this was not the case.

Since I began taking lessons with Alicia and learning better vocal techniques, my breathing has improved considerably; my voice has become stronger and fuller, with a higher range; and my self-confidence has also grown. A clear testimonial to Alicia is that I have now been offered the opportunity of singing some solo parts or being in a trio or quartet with other singers, rather than just always a part of the main accompanying chorus. This is a great joy to me.

In the summer of 2022, Alicia held a recital for her students, in which I sang four solo pieces, including one in French, and a duet with another woman in Italian, accompanied by Alicia on piano. This was challenging, fun, and extremely rewarding. I believe that I am transforming as a singer due to Alicia’s skill as a voice teacher.

Alicia is a firm taskmaster, while at the same time being very supportive and often fun. I greatly appreciate her high, professional standards, and look forward to continuing to work with her into the future.”

Barbara Doern Drew, 8/1/23

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